how to calculate KSEB bill | how to pay bill online

how to calculate KSEB bill | how to pay bill online
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calculate KSEB bill : Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd is a public sector undertaking under the Government of Kerala, How to calculate kseb bill . Introduced in the video below



how to pay kseb bill online :

The Electricity Board has introduced a mechanism to make the electricity bill pay online. This can easily be done through the KSEB website (

Those who have banking facilities can pay their electricity bills online. You can pay the bill by clicking on the ‘Pay Bills Online’ option on the kseb website.

Finally, we will get the customer number and bill number from the bill.

Then choose how you want to pay. Any option on net banking, credit card and debit card

The service charge will be levied on those who pay through net banking. Once paid, details of the bill will be displayed on the screen. The details will be available via email and mobile. Customers can print their prints if needed.

How to reduce your electric bill

The first thing to do to reduce the power bill is to switch off the electrical equipment when it is not in use and to separate the plug from the plug point. This is the easiest way to do it. Now let’s talk about the benefits of doing this. Generally, after the use of computers and television, we are getting up after switching off their power.

But that is the wrong method because when the power plug is on and the switch is on, there is a power outage or consumption. This is one of the reasons most homes lose power. We do so with the impression that when the device’s button is turned off, the power outage is off completely. But don’t do that anymore. It is advisable to switch off and replace the plug.

Climate Wear: Instead of turning on the heater at home during cold weather, wear warm clothing. Even when using heaters, turn the heater on only after the doors and windows are closed.

The heater should be turned on and the cracks between the door and the windows detected. Once the room is warm enough, the heater may be turned off. Forgetting closed windows with thick curtains at night can also help keep the room warm.

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