Baba Ramdev: India guru’s ‘WhatsApp killer’

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After launching SIM cards, Baba Ramdev, founder of Patanjali and yoga guru Baba Ramdev with a new venture. Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali is being released by the new messaging app.

App released a WhatsApp patanjali as ‘kimbo’ as the ‘native’ native messaging app. We will speak Bharat. After launching SIM cards, Baba Ramdev has also released a new messaging app, named Kimbo. Watson can now expect the match. The app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore-Patanjali spokesperson SK Tjarawala tweeted.Text, audio, photos, watches, sticks, gif … all the options. There is also an opportunity for free video calling. Patanjali SIM cards are released in conjunction with BSNL. Ramdev’s Simhadhi SIM cards are to be recharged for Rs 144. It also has 2GB data.

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