How survey land easily yourself

How survey land easily yourself

How survey land easily yourself : The property survey is to prevent disputes over property lines. Understand that existing boundaries may not be accurate. Decide to survey the land yourself.


Per square meter (Square Metre OR M2)
Area is expressed in square meters. The square meter is obtained by multiplying the width and length by meters. For example, a 10 meter wide and 10 meter long hall will have an area of ​​100 square meters.

meter survey
One square meter is 10.76 square feet. Multiply the square meter by 10.76 to make the square meter. Divide the square foot by 10.76 to make the square meter.

Cubic feet, cubic meters
As the height increases with the length and width, the volume will change to cubic. It is cubic (cubic) feet if it is in the base and cubic (cubic) meters if it is in meters. The cubic meter is also called the mcube (M3).
For example, a cubic meter, or mcube, is a meter wide, a meter long, and a meter high. Concrete, granite, brick and sand are measured in cubic feet. The scale is changing from cubic feet to cubic meters.

When buying a property, you need to make sure the seller has real ownership of the land.

  1. Original Deed
  2. Prior Deed
  3. Pattayam
  4. Mutation Receipt
  5. Drinking Certificate (Encumbrance)
  6. certificate)
  7. Possession certificate
    Copies should be purchased from the owner or broker. You should check with an author or lawyer to make sure there is nothing wrong.
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