How to calculate the volume of Cement, Before building a house

Before building a house, we often approach an architect to come up with an accurate plan and ask for the exact cost. But when building a house, we do not have to know the exact amount of sand and metal cement needed to make it concrete. Therefore, we often lose a huge amount of money for this. But once you know the approximate amount, it is easy to see if we have spent that much. Here’s how to calculate the sack cement and metal required to concrete a house like this.

If the slab is 10 m long, 5 m wide and 15 m thick, the volume is first calculated to find the sand, cement and aggregate contained in the concrete required to build a slab. The volume = 10 * 5 * .15 = 7.5 M3. Now we get the wet volume. But we need to calculate what the dry volume is. For this we need to multiply using the present wet volume factor of 1.54.Dry volume = 7.5 * 1.54 = 11.55m3 is obtained.

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Now if you calculate the ratio is 1: 2: 4.In this, 1 means sand, 2 means cement and 4 means aggregates.
The volume of cement = 1/7 * 11.5 = 1.65m3 is given to determine the next volume of cement to be used.

The next step is to calculate the volume of cement / volume of bag = 1.65 / 0.0374 = 47.5 bags each. Next 1m3 of cement is 1440kg, then 50 kg of cement = 1/1440 * 50 = 0.0374. The volume of sand = 2/7 * 11.5 = 3.30m3 is obtained.volume of aggregate =4/7*11.55=6.60m3 available in quantities of.

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Next we get volumeof sand + volume of cement + volume of aggregate = 11.55m3 to get the total quantity. This way you can now find the amount of concrete you need to build the house.

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