How to calculate the volume of Cement, Sand and Aggregate in concrete

How to calculate the volume of Cement, Sand and Aggregate in concrete

how to calculate the concrete volume for a slab, beam and column. Calculation of Concrete ingredients and Water Cement.How to measure cement, sand and aggregate in concrete. How to Build Low Cost Home


How to make Low cost Home

There is no shortage of people who are trying to build a dream house with the misconception that the world is home. Undoubtedly, that notion is far from reality. Can’t Quality Reduce Some Costs or Consciously Eliminate Required Systems at Home? Can someone bring a bag of cement for Rs. 400 or Rs. Will Carpenter or Mason be willing to voluntarily give up the average wage of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500,000 and work for Rs 500,000? When the price of raw materials soars, the low-cost model can only be described as a beautiful nightmare.

What else can we do in this area? That’s where we’re going to lick the sweetness of directing costs into a cost-effective way. But you need to avoid the extravagance.

Cost effectiveness is not the same as intended. One step is the recycling phone or ‘reuse’. Good timber trees, when they are in good condition, are available on the market without much damage. They come from not only Kerala but Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It can be polished slightly and placed in the same or opposite to the current one. The only thing that will change is the placement of window panes and wood.

Even if the bottom line is closed from the wing of modern single-sided windows, which can never be opened, the four-door and six-inch windows that open up the top layer and let in a lot of light and light will not only reduce costs but also provide a lot of comfort and comfort. It is important to be aware that all the doors, pillars and furnishings (and even those made of teak) of a house for Rs 2 lakh are available in Palakkad. More than two hundred years old, they are still available to us without any injury. We have to look at this from the time of the opening of new doors that need to be repaired within three or four years.

Similarly, building materials such as bricks, bricks, hollow bricks or cement blocks should be given priority. Since the neighbor is looking for a larger system beyond kilometers, does it not need to be imitated? We only need to check if the bundles with the desired properties are coming to the site. What better way to build a house’s foundation and walls at a lower cost?

Once the plan is completed, the architect should be asked to prepare a detailed estimate and work program chart before the work begins. This will help you to anticipate how much each stage of the home will cost and how much time each step can be completed. For example, a program chart should be completed in six to eight months with an area of ​​1,500 square feet. If this requires more homework, you can be sure that there is a loss in wages.

Another factor that can increase the cost is the size of the house. As the size of the house increases, so does the cost of construction. Luxury taxes will also be paid for a home above 3,000 square feet.

Two-story homes are more profitable than single-storey homes. In solid soils, there is little difference between basement and depth for single and two levels. Since the second-floor rooms on the first-floor terrace don’t cost that much square foot, there’s no upfront cost.

When building a home, it’s best to take out a bank loan. The value of the rupee is likely to decline over the years. You can save money on income tax too.

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