Things to be Careful When You Are About To Sell Your Car

If you’re not careful in your dealings while selling your old car and bike , you may need to take the plunge. Why you should be careful while selling your car

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Always make necessary changes to the RTO documents and RC book when selling the vehicle. Pulivalu is said to have taken the vehicle to a different contract without taking the matter seriously. In case of vehicle transfers within the State, the Form No. 29 should be filled in.

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Form 29 is for the seller. This is the form for the transfer of ownership. Upon filling, the seller must register with the RTO office of the vehicle to which the seller registered. This should include the buyer’s signature. Another must be given to the buyer of the vehicle.

change name in the RC book

The name change in the RC is a must-consider when selling a vehicle. Most people are confronted with a notice that the vehicle being sold is trapped in an accident or case. Be sure to change ownership rights when selling a vehicle. The seller must transfer the RC book once the ownership has changed. Here’s what you need to do to change your name in the RC Book.

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Do not assume that selling a vehicle is your responsibility. Two copies of the Form 29 notice of ownership should be signed from the buyer. An application for change of ownership form (Form 30) along with a copy, if there is a hypothecation (loan) will be paid to the RTO office by paying the fee along with the consent certificate of the institution or person, current registration certificate, insurance, address proof certificate and smoke test certificate. Application can also be submitted online. The registration certificate of the vehicle must be renamed within 14 days from the date of registration. Otherwise they will not be covered.

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Remember. The Motor Vehicle Department Act does not provide for a bilateral contract between the seller and the buyer when the vehicle is sold. The owner of the RC book itself will face legal proceedings in case of a lawsuit on behalf of the vehicle.

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change name after  death of vehicle owner

After the death of the vehicle owner, the heir should file the claim within three months after the death of the owner. For this, the application must be submitted to the Registration Authority along with Form 31 (Application and Intimation of Transferring Ownership), Registration Certificate, Death Certificate and Proof of Inheritance. The owner’s name was changed after the necessary investigation.

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