How to make 20,000mah power bank

How to make 20,000mah power bank

How to make 20,000mah power bank? Here is the complete power bankmaking tutorial with circuit diagram using laptop battery, This power bank can be used for charging smartphones

If you are a smart phone consumer, you may already be using a power bank or you may still be looking for a charging point with your mobile charger. This post is useful for any group in which you belong.

Are you from the first group? If you belong to the second group, “a power bank is, in simple terms, a rechargeable battery society”. This power bank can be charged at your home or office and can be charged on your mobile, tablet, or net book during travel.

power bank main parts

  1. rechargeable battery
  2. Electronic circuit board for recharging and discharging
  3. Micro USB cable

The most important part is the batteries used. The capacity of a power bank is expressed in mAh (milli ampere). Power banks are generally available from 1000mAh to 26000mAh. Their prices in the market range from Rs 265 to Rs 17,000. The price of power banks is based on the quality of the batteries used in them, the time taken to charge the battery, the time it takes to charge the power bank electronic device, and the material used to make the power bank body.

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