how to increase volume in android phone

Don’t worry if your phone is low on sound, this app will fix everything . Android is most widely used mobile operating system in the world today, there are a lot of problems that everyone is experiencing. Google and the developers have come up with a definitive solution to all these problems. One of the problems many Android users experience is that their phone is not good enough. Here are some related solutions.


The first thing you should do here is not to look for any other software or change your hardware. Instead the first thing to do is to check if everything is okay in your phone’s settings. Many phones have different audio and sound profiles by default. So be sure to check the sound settings in the settings first.

Once the settings are here, the next thing we need to consider. Be it the music player on the phone or any music player that we installed from the Play Store, there is an equalizer. With that equalizer you will be able to get the best sound out of your phone.

Download A Good Sound Ingress Music App. Probably the easiest music player to use for most people is the inbuilt music player on the phone. These players offer a handful of great amenities. But other music players are available in the Play Store. You can download a good one from them to your liking.

Find out exactly where the speaker is located on the phone. Because we often hold our hand in a place where there is a speaker on the phone, we hear a lot of noise. Even small things like this have to be taken care of.

If your phone is rooted then there are more features to wait for you. There are many different types of sound settings and changes that can be made in a rooted Android phone.

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