Nilavembu or kiriyath | natural ways to reduce your blood sugar

Nilavembu or kiriyath : How to bring down your blood sugar in natural ways. Here are some natural ways to reduce your blood sugar without medicine only use Nilavembu or kiriyath.


Nilavep or kiriyath is a medicinal herb found in India and Sri Lanka. They are widely cultivated in South Asia for some infectious diseases. Usually the leaves and roots are used for treatment. In Ayurveda, it is widely used as a remedy for asthma, skin ailments, coughing, shortness of breath and heartburn.

Also known as the Chiretta Plant in English, the leaves and other parts of the land have a bitter taste. The leaves are dark green. The slender rectangular stalk can grow up to 50 cm tall.

According to Ayurveda, the plant has an astringent, lighthearted, and aromatic properties. It belongs to the category of herbal herbs. It is also known as Kiriyatha, Bhunimba and Mahathiktaka. It is found in the forests of Himalayas and Kashmir to Assam. In Kerala, it is cultivated for medicinal purposes.


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Proper treatment is needed to eliminate diabetes. Often this treatment will re-crisis you in many ways. But diabetes can be cured without any medication and in just two weeks. Let us look at some ways that can help you eliminate this problem. These are ways to help cure diabetes completely. The following are the things we can do at home: Let’s see what happens.

  • The diet of fiber

Eating fiber can be helpful. Men should consume at least 38 grams of fiber daily. Women should take 25g of fiber daily. Try to include fiber regularly in your diet. This helps solve all kinds of problems. Diabetes can then be eliminated in a way that you don’t even see.

  • Drink water

Never dehydrate the body. Drink plenty of water for your body. If you don’t drink enough water, it can cause many health problems. Moreover, dehydration can cause a variety of problems. Try to avoid alcohol and coffee as much as possible. This can be a health hazard in many ways.

  • Reduce timber

There is a close link between fat and diabetes. People with diabetes usually develop tuberculosis and tuberculosis. But do your best to minimize this. It helps to eliminate diabetes. Timber causes a variety of health problems. Doing this helps a lot in terms of health.

  • Stress

This is a period of increasing stress for many. Depression rates are much higher in young people than in older people. It can make health difficult in many ways. People with depression are at higher risk for diabetes. So try to minimize the stress and always be happy.

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