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3D Epoxy Flooring : Today I’m going to show you how to apply a 3D Epoxy floor. This is an example we did on a piece of wood,3D Graphics Flooring. Rs 90 / Square Feet. 3D Flooring Services.

We Malayalees are trying their best to make the floor of their home look great at very low cost. Here’s how to make the floor of our house look better without cost

Today I’m going to show you how to apply a 3D epoxy floor. This is an example we did on a piece of wood, so what you do on a floor can be huge in scale, but here’s how we did it.

First, you find a nice 3D image like this, you just glue and paste it on the board, and your substrate is gone. Make sure it is clean, smooth, textured and primed, and you paste it on top.

Capture 1

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Now that you have the top, you need to make sure that no air is trapped under the poster, otherwise you will have all sorts of problems with wrinkles. So, what we’re doing here is making sure that the entire poster is properly placed on the substrate.

Now, if you burn wrinkles, this is part of the process. If you find wrinkles, use a blow dryer to dry the wood and dry the glue on the bottom so it will be easy to sort and fix any wrinkles that may appear. You need to work with someone who is experienced in applying wallpaper tapestries, slowly you can apply,

Here is an example, take your time and apply the wall paper slowly so that no wrinkles show up. Because if you have wrinkles, it can also affect the final coating.

Capture 2

Therefore, it is very important that you do not have any wrinkles when you apply the 3D poster. Remember, use something soft to press the poster so you won’t have any problems.

Once the poster has dried into the substrate, we can move on to the next step, which is actually mixing the resin. So, mix the resin for one or two minutes and then you can pour this mixture over the top of the 3D.

Make sure you properly propagate it with a tool so the resin goes everywhere and there is a level everywhere. You don’t want to put too little, because if you put too little, you’ll get bubbles, you’ll get fishy eyes, and if you get too much, some areas will turn yellow.

The important thing is to make sure it goes everywhere, and then you can use a blow dryer to eliminate bubbles or spiked rollers or whatever you prefer. If you enjoy this video now, be sure to check out learncoating.com to see more articles and more training videos, sign up for a newsletter, and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, so you’ll always learn new videos when we come.

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