Loan Apply Online : How to apply lone mobile application

Loan Apply Online : Hi friends. Today I am going to introduce you to how to apply for Loan with Mobile.To apply for a loan you need to download Branch – Personal Finance Loans from Google Play store . Loan Apply Easy Online via Branch App Loan App

The branch makes it easy for you to access loans for the way you live anytime and anywhere. Sign up within seconds, apply for a loan, and receive your money directly into your account. It’s a fast, convenient and reliable way to access credit when you need it.

Available in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mexico and India. You can get up to Ksh 70,000, Tsh 1M,, 000 150,000, 20,000 Pesos, or 50,000. Get the right loan for you!

Get your loan into your mobile money account – such as Empesa (Kenya, Tanzania), Tigo Pesa or Airtel Money (Tanzania) – or get the right to your bank account (Nigeria, Mexico, India).

How to use Branch App

  1. Download Branch App from google play store
  2. Create your account
  3. Apply in seconds
  4. Receive your loan straight into your mobile money or bank account
  5. Build your loan limit every time you repay a loan

Required documents apply loan

  • Only pan card

Be careful before taking out a loan

Most people take out loans when emergency situations in life make it impossible to find money. But borrowing something for some reason can later turn out to be boring. Without understanding the repayment, interest, EMI, and loan arrangements, loans become a liability and are in debt. Here are 5 things to consider before taking out a loan …

  • Multiple Loans –

Don’t borrow from multiple banks at once. Taking out multiple loans can affect repayment and become a liability. Stopping a repayment can affect your credit score. After evaluating the credit score, the banks decide whether to lend or not. Banks will charge higher interest rates if the credit score is bad.

  • monthly repayment

You should also understand the monthly repayment capability of the loan. If the EMI is outside our limits, the loan may be disrupted and become a liability. Don’t take out an EMI paying loan for more than 35-40% of your monthly income.

  • repayment period-

When making a personal loan, you must make the wise decision about repayment period. The repayment period should be chosen in such a way that the maximum liability is reduced. It is best to choose the ability and minimum repayment period. This will reduce the financial loss. When deciding on this, it is important to understand the repayment potential.

  • repayment-

Monthly repayment should be made within the stipulated date. Do not be deterred in any way. Some banks are penalizing late repayments. To avoid this financial loss, the EMI has to be paid in time. Delaying and delaying repayments can affect your credit score

  • conditions should be read well

The terms and conditions of the signing of a personal loan should be clearly read and understood. What you do not understand, ask those who know and clarify. Loan terms vary for different banks. The lender should also be aware of the legal and non-compliance procedures adopted by the bank when making repayment.


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