Steam Car Wash : with a small capital that can profit more without the need of large investments,

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Orora, a start-up company of engineering graduates from Kozhikode, is launching a steam-powered machine in our home country where the water shortage is severe. The company has supplied the Lamborghini Company’s Fortador. The car wash is done in India only at the Orora Company which operates the Thondayad Bypass in Calicut.

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Whereas 100 to 200 liters of water is used for a normal car wash, steam washing requires only 10 liters of water. Water loss can also be avoided. Suppliers say that washing up 15 cars a day could save up to 67,500 liters. This can save up to 20 million liters of water per year. The main parts of the machine are the boiler and pump. The interior, exterior, and interior of the car can be cleaned.

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The company offers options such as Mobile Unit, Detailing and Basic Coating and Studio. The cost per unit of machinery and accessories ranges from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 60 lakh. PK Shahin, Shankar Narayan Viswanath, Muhsin Mohammed, Chetan Pradeep, SR Vaishak and U Shanil have completed their studies at IES College, Thrissur. The product is on display at the 45C stall at the fair.

SOLWERTH COMPANY Fair at Amblems presents an innovative tool that converts 50 kg of food waste into soil in 12 hours. The machine has been introduced as a complete solution for food waste disposal. Different models cost between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 22 lakh. Another important feature is the low maintenance cost. The product is on display at the 45D stall at the fair.

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The exhibition showcases a range of tools and technologies, ranging from cooking utensils for home and hotel to various household units, Kudumbasree, cottage industry, small and medium enterprises.

There are a large number of machinery required to process and market food agricultural products produced in Kerala on industrial basis. Manufacturers will attend the fair and explain the mechanism and industry potential of the machines to visitors. Visitors will get the rare opportunity to buy machines from manufacturers directly at the wholesale price without dealer commission.

It has mobilized the machinery needed to start nano, domestic, micro, small and small industries based on dairy products like tuber, fruit, milk, vegetables and spices. Coconut Oil Processing, Chapathi Machine, Press Brake, Dryers, Carpentry, Data Card Print, Laser Cutting, Engraving Apparel, Bakery Machinery, Welding Machines, Packing Machinery, Water Treatment, Coding Machines, Packaging Machines, Machinery Aluminum foie സീ Ceiling Machine, Wrapping Machine, Coconut Juice Extractor, Lemon Cutter, Garlic Peeler, Coconut Milk Machine, Coconut Expeller, Coconut Cutter, Gravy Machine, Vegetable Cutting Machine, Potato Chopper, Vegetable Chopper, Vegetable Chopper, Vegetable Chopper, Vegetable Chopper, Vegetable Chopper Musambi, Fruit Juicer, Mango Shake Kar, Lassi Machine, Carrot Pineapple Juicer, Coconut Grinding Machine, Flower Mill Machinery, Banana Cutting Machine, Mixer Machine, Heavy Duty Blender, Nano Thrender, Idiopam Maker, Cake Mixer, Diesel Oven, Cocoa Brewer , Filters, Cold Storage and Juice Mixing Plant Pradarsanattilunt all sorts of machinery and materials.

The show is open from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free. It provides an opportunity for innovators and current entrepreneurs, students, technicians and entrepreneurs to attend and interact with the Fair.

Various research institutes in the fields of agri-food processing, ayurveda and plastics are participating. Kerala Agricultural University, Central Tuberculosis Research Center, Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI), MSME Development Institute, Thrissur, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICARCIFT), Foundation for M. SME Cluster (FMC), Quality Coun SIL of India & Keyd, Common Facility Service Center, Confederation for Ayurvedic Renaissance Kerala Limited (Care Kerala Limited), CBPST (CPET) Rubber Research Institute of India and Government of India

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