Without ATM Card, how to Withdraw Cash from ATM | using YoNo App

Without ATM Card, how to Withdraw Cash from ATM | using YoNo App

The following video is about why sometimes you need to cash withdrawal without an ATM Card.


Having a debit card in hand is no problem. You can withdraw money from the ATM. SBI has introduced a new system for its customers.With this, SBI will become the first public sector bank in India to facilitate ATM transactions without a card. Customers with Internet Banking can avail this facility through YONO App.

This facility is available only at SBI ATMs and Jono Cash Points. You can only do two transactions a day with Jono. The bank claims that this will prevent fraud to some extent through skimming and cloning.

How to withdraw money using YoNo

  • First, we need to get internet banking. The mobile number must be registered with the bank.
  • Download SBI’s YONO code app on mobile
  • Login to the app using internet banking information.
  • You need to issue a cash withdrawal command in Jono App.
  • After this, we receive a 6-digit code message to our phone
  • Just enter the code in the ATM machine.
  • This code is valid for only 30 minutes


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