Seat belt strict for passengers on buses in Kerala

Seat belt strict for passengers on buses in Kerala

Motor Vehicle Act stipulated the need for seat belts in buses. This provision is in Section 194-A of the Motor Vehicle Act. If the passenger does not wear a seat belt, he is fined Rs 1000.

If the buses do not have seat belts, the RC. The owner of the book has to pay a thousand rupees. A fine of Rs 1000 is payable even if one seat does not have a belt.

Traveling with children under the age of 14 does not have seat belts or other safety equipment for children, but this amount must be paid. If the penalties for seat belt violations are tightened, all buses in the state will fall into that category. There will also be school buses.

After a two-seat deduction from the seating capacity of the buses (driver and conductor), a quarter of the total number of passengers will be allowed to travel. For example, 11 people are allowed on a 48-seat bus. This is the norm when issuing a bus permit. The permit is charged at the time of registration of the bus and is Rs 600 per seat and Rs 210 per passenger.

Each passenger must be fined 200 rupees for carrying more passengers on a bus permit. No further travel will be allowed, however. The passengers should be taken into custody. This should be done after the passengers have the opportunity to continue on their journey.

The State Government has to make a special order to avoid standing passengers. The order should be published in the Gazette. The state Department of Motor Vehicles has not thought about issuing this order.

The practical aspects of making seat belts compulsory on buses will be examined. The Transport Department will soon discuss such conditions affecting the bus service itself. It will also seek to bring this to the notice of the central government.

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