How to Register – Voter List Name

How to Register – Voter List Name

How to Register – Voter List : If you want to register your name in the state voters’ list or get some correction done in your voter card,Voter lists in the country are always changing. In that case, sometimes your name could be lost.


Election Commission has released the app called Voter Helpline to check if the voter is on the list. In addition, a copy of the voter list can be verified.

Download Voter Helpline App from Google Play Store. Let’s open it and search for it in your specific location. When searching, you must enter your name, like father’s / husband’s name, age, gender, state, district and constituency. If you enter the information correctly, your name will appear in the list. If not, steps must be taken to add the name to the list. Those who do not have a name can add names to the list using the same app. To do so, click on Forms online. The required information must be submitted.


How to add name online?

Visit and select the option of online voter registration

You just have to sign up for the website and set your username and password.

You must upload your photo and identification documents that state the address of the Election Commission.

Booth level officers can forward documents if they are unable to upload identification documents and photos online.

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