Driving licence renewal new rules in Kerala

Know everything about the Driving Licence Renewal Process and driving licence renewal new rules, applicant has to submit the below list of documents:

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Application for renewal of the license must be made within one day after the expiration of the driving license. The driver’s license cannot be renewed until five years after expiry. The only way out is to go through all the debt and get a new license.

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An application for renewal of the license may be made one month before or one month after expiry. In this case the license will be renewed from the date of expiry. The license is renewed after one month from the expiry date.

Required documents

1. Driving License
2. Application Form No.9
3. Form No. 1 (Own Certificate of Fitness)
4. Form No. 1A (Medical Certificate for Driving Transport Vehicles)
5. Passport size photo – Two
6. Receipt of payment of a fee of Rs. 250 and a service charge of Rs.

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Applicants must also attach a fixed stamp and envelope to obtain the license postage.

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