Low Cost House Construction Methods

Low Cost House Construction Methods

Low Cost House Construction Methods : Low-cost house doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality and design of the house you are planning for yourself and your family.


Those who want to cut costs should focus on the planning stage. Experts in the construction industry say the lack of proper planning can cost up to 15 per cent. When it comes to building a house, 80% of the work is done without thinking about the market or the design. Planning should be in place to cover costs. If you imagine every part of your home to be a necessity or a luxury, you can fight the extra cost.

Once you have made a decision about the house, make the first decision that it will not change. Getting together as much information as possible about the various technical aspects of the house can help you get started and build up the cost. Whether the house is one floor or two level, the cost will be significantly affected. It takes about two and a half cents to build a house with a 1000 sq. Ft. House. Naturally, the cost increases. If 500 sq ft is below 500 s, material loss and loss of space will be reduced. Seventy per cent of the cost of construction is spent on building materials. Talk to the architect about a home that has 75% of the money in hand. The remaining 25% can be used for interior designing and other purposes.

When planning a home, the number of rooms must first be determined. The ones that don’t make more room should be well utilized. For a nuclear family consisting of parents and little children, the number of bedrooms can be reduced to two. The possibility of a third bedroom is just that. Unless you plan to install firewood, there is no need to waste land for the work area. The kitchen is a bit larger. The kitchen can also be used as a storeroom. If you eliminate 100 square feet of work area, you can save 16,000 rupees per square foot at a glance. For those who think the work area is essential, they can arrange the work area with a roof sheet and a grill instead of a wall. Roofing costs around Rs. 85 per square foot and grille costs about Rs. This can save you at least 10%.

As larger rooms are built, the number of beams increases. This will increase the cost. But reducing the size of the room to minimize costs can do more harm than good. For most first-time homebuyers, the size of the room that they are claiming is not always fast enough. This can be done by measuring the size of the room you are living in or in the house of your relative. An accurate estimate of how much area to use will tell the architect exactly how to draw the plan. If you are planning to build a low cost home you should inform the architect by estimating the budget. It is also beneficial to collect house-related books and information. Rectangles and cubes reduce the cost. Roundabout reduces cost but makes it harder to use. Increasing the curvature and angles can lead to cost savings and reduced safety. The plan that was first drawn up may not be completely correct. Be patient and wait until you have a satisfactory plan. It must be foreseen that all this will take some time. So planning and drawing up the plan should start early.

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Twenty percent of first-class materials can be used to change the beauty of a home. The market must be well educated on the planning stage. New models such as tile and bathroom fittings are coming up in a few areas. Other materials are better to be determined early. Inbuilt seating and desks are ways to save money. There are many products in the market, such as high density fiber, bison panel, PVC, and treated wood. If you buy these, one-fourth the price of a wooden door. Ferro cement products help to control cost. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, water tanks, septic tanks, etc. can be made of ferrous cement. The wall, septic tank, water tank, motor, and many other things will be required after the house is finished. This can be avoided if the funds are put in place first.

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