How to install Dish antenna | using mobile app 

How to install Dish antenna | using the mobile app: Easy positioning and installation of your dish antenna with accurate satellite display: Dish alignment, pointing and Installation have always been complicated. For over 25 years, the manufacturer of satellite reception equipment has developed the quickest application to help you install and deploy your mono-reception, multi-reception satellite antenna and allow the reception of satellite television channels. This app guides you step by step as you have many helpful tools to help with the installation and deployment of your antenna. quickest will calculate the required settings!

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How to install Dish antenna | using a mobile app

  1. install QuickSat app, from the google play store
  2. Choice of the type of antenna ( Mono-satellite: reception of 1 satellite
    Multi-satellite: reception of several satellites with BigBisat antenna only )
  3. Choice of the satellite
  4. Precautions of installation
  5. Calculations/ Results ( QuickSat provides personalized information concerning the adjustment of your antenna:Antenna mono-satellite: Information of adjustment of the antenna: Elevation, Azimuth, Cross-polarization )

How to install Dish antenna manual

Let me tell you how to set up Dish Anita,

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The first thing we need is an uninterrupted sky in the southwest.

When you get it out of the shop, the dish is made up of many different parts of the antenna.
L N B fit in brackets.If there is a satellite finder and compass, it will be easy to work with.
What we need to track is InSALET 17 .The ASIMUTH & ELIVATION shown in the image below.

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Set the dish back to 228 degrees South West. Go to Setupbox’s INSTALLATION menu and pick up the transponder list

Give FREEQUENCY 4024 MHZ S / R 14400 TYPE H Adjust the dishwasher until signal strength is maximized.

Now come on Single Satellite Search and hit Autoscan. A handful of Tamil Tamil ENTERTAINMENT & NEWS channels for your lifetime.

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