convert petrol bike to electric bike

Electrical Engineering research scholar Jino Joy has convert petrol bike to electric bike , controlled by electronic circuit .

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Former Professor and Department Head Under the guidance of Ushakumari, electrical engineering research scholar Gino Joy has designed a geared electric motorcycle. The bike is controlled by an electronic circuit that is said to be less expensive than a conventional petrol engine bike.

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Advanced technology

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Through continuous research, they stumbled upon another new technology, which led to the design of a magnetic-powered motorless geared electric two-wheeler.

Motorcycles require very few electronic components, and any vehicle, including a multi-cylinder, can be modified inexpensively.

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Since it applied for another invention earlier this year, the college believes it can adopt technology for commercial-scale production.

Dr Kendall says the 12V lithium-ion batteries on conventional motorcycles need to be replaced with 48V to power the modified bikes. Said Joy.

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The cost of converting standard bikes to electric bikes can be as high as $ 30,000, including the cost of the battery.

Considering the current power tariffs and fuel rates, the electric variants bear only a fraction of the operating cost compared to the traditional costs.

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A petrol-engine bike costs $ 1.50 per kilometer, and motor-powered electric vehicles only require 20pc, he noted.

CET Principal Gigi C.V. He said that the research on electric vehicles is progressing with the financial support of the central and state governments.

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