Sijo invented the technology to reduce heat

Sijo invented  the technology to reduce heat

Sijo from Kottayam. Asianet News about Sijo’s invention. Sijo’s invention to reduce heat in Dubai Our little Kerala, which is currently experiencing extreme heat, may approve of Sijo’s invention tomorrow.The acceptance of this young scientist is not remote.

The following home remedies are easy and effective ways to beat the heat

As the heat levels remain constant, the suffering and suffering caused by this increases with each passing year. The abundant backwaters, canals and streams play a major role in regulating heat. The proximity of the increased water to the temperature controls the heat. Due to the scarcity of fresh water, the scarcity of fresh water creates many problems. As the temperature increases, the water consumption increases. The supply of fresh water will be reduced. Increased risk of using contaminated water. It can also cause diseases to spread with heat.

Follow the summer routine

Summer is like a monsoon. The weather conditions have been adjusted to suit the climate. Greishma is two months. Taking a bath, eating, sleeping and traveling is not bad for summer.

Summer is the time to exhaust your body. The body temperature is 37 degrees. When the temperature is two or three degrees the body cannot tolerate it. Summer affects dehydration, loss of appetite and slowness of body functions. The function of the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain begins to slow down. For people with diabetes and hypertension, they may increase.

Bath for two or three days. No hot water. Excess water can cause water to fall. Use a shower.

Reduce use of soap and soap. You can use lentils, peas and ginger powder instead. Apply it on your head. You can use coconut oil and kerosene. Avoid hot oils.

Good for loose clothing. Cotton dresses are appropriate.

Kerala’s own porridge is the food of summer. The porridge will cool the body. You can use a lot of whipped, lentils and leafy vegetables. Reduce the burnout. You can also reduce spices.

Ghee can be used if there are no other ailments. Drinking a spoonful of ghee each morning and evening will cool the body. Coconut oil will also cool down. Milk and juices can be used in plenty.

Fruits are better than papaya and pineapple. Grapes, mangoes, oranges, melons, and small grains are good. Boil the banana.

Carnivores are hot in the summer. Vegetables are beneficial. Pumpkin, cucumber, leafy greens and mushrooms can be used for food.

Charcoal is perfect for heating. You can eat up to two curries.

How much water to drink. Drink plenty of water. It can be four to five liters of water. Remember that the color of urine is yellow. Naturally cold water in mudguja is better than water in the refrigerator. Jasmine water is also good.

Do not lie directly under the fan. Fan can cause a decrease in body water. Drink more water.

Applying cold ointments is recommended. Blending two cups of fresh water twice a day will reduce the risk of hot eye diseases.

ിക്കാം Batteries mixed with sandalwood and Ramacham can be bathed. Washing the leaves with aroma and bathing will help get rid of summer ailments.

Decreased sleep. It is advisable to moisturize the feet underneath your knees before bedtime.

Umbrella habits can be practiced not only in the rainy season but also in the summer. Direct heat prevents it from getting into the body. Reduce trips in the two-wheeler. Switch to buses and cars.

Do not raise the electricity bill to reduce the heat

Air conditioner, refrigerator, fan … these are the tools that people love most in the summer. Previously, if AC had been a symptom of luxury, it would have become a necessity. Because of the change in weather and lifestyle. But if you don’t pay attention to these usages, you will experience shock when the electricity bill comes. You can find the solution by looking at the following:

Use these tools only when necessary and when necessary. Stop immediately after use.

Choose quality equipment. High quality equipment that minimizes power consumption is available in the market. Even if the price is a little higher with the purchase, we can find this reduction in the electricity bill itself.

We have an average of six months of rain and six months of summer. The housekeeping arrangements should be kept in mind while building the home. By ensuring a natural heat control, you can say goodbye to the equipment.

Avoid opening the refrigerator frequently. If you turn it off after some time during the night, the contents are not damaged


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