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Welcome to the advanced Foton free call service offered by Globfone.Free Call anyone,any phone number worldwide even if he doesn’t have Free Calls App! Free call via WiFi or cellular data, no cell minutes used.Download this Foton phone call app & enjoy cheap calls global to any mobile & landline!

No need to create an account to place a free number of calls to landlines and mobile phones.You do not have to worry about increasing your bill even when you call the phone through the globe. Now connecting to any phone on this phone and communicating your message without any problems through this advanced calling system. Call mobile every day until you connect with a simple and effective calling service.


Customers are satisfied with the satisfaction, so you are happy to be able to make phone local, international, or internationally via your computer. The number of calls and their duration are limited to an IP address. After exceeding this limit, one call can only be made when the next 24 hours start. Let’s get started, follow these steps mentioned below, and now make a call through the Foton.


Call Foton Free Internet There is a new brand new opportunity for you to call on the phone and send your friends for free text. This service allows you to use VoIP technology as it is available online as other popular services. However, there is a major difference. Using Globfone is not a pile. Using this service is totally free. You need a computer with an Internet connection and Java. If you want to make Foton video calls, you need a WebRTC enabled browser. Thank you for the advertiser you sponsored for services that you did not pay for any online phone call you make. Everyone is a good solution.

For those who want to get in touch with friends and family for a local call and abroad. Generally such international calls are very expensive, but not over. You do not need to download a software to use Globfone. Visit the website and call someone you love. Dialing the number you want to dial and enjoy the conversation. Use the display screen to enter the number, and click the green handset.

description Foton :
Foton is a productive channel to make best quality VoIP calls for lower rates. Basically, it is a downloadable mobile dialer app that comes with versatile features. It works on all Android enabled devices with internet connectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi, etc. Foton is designed to give an edge for VoIP Providers in improving their customer base. The following are the key features making it an ideal mobile dialer.

  • Key Features:
  • No call disconnection in limited bandwidth areas
  • Supports G729,PCMU, PCMA codecs
  • Loud Speaker
  • Smart UI
  • Real-time SIP status messages
  • SIP based protocol for Signaling
  • Size 32.4 MB
  • Languages : English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Traditional Chinese

Cheap or free international calls to over 200 countries ,Free calls to India & China & Nigeria & Mexico & Pakistan & United States, USA & United Kingdom, UK & Canada & German, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Saudi Arabia, SA

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