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How to Park the car in Safe distance from in the obstacles in the Parking. Easy way to findout the distance from front end or corner of Side.

Best Advice for New Drivers

Even a little carelessness can cause big lapses in driving. In general, there is a scorn in our society for those who have learned to drive scientifically. If a little accident or something happens, comments that are mocked and mocked can get mixed up. In fact, a beginner’s carelessness can be generalized in such a way. If we take a little care, we can get rid of many of our carelessness and develop a good driving style. Let us see

The look at the gear lever can be avoided

Gear changer is usually one of the main doubts for someone new to driving. Therefore, a person who first learns to drive should look to the gear lever when changing gear. This should be completely avoided. Because it can gradually become a habit. This can be avoided at the outset and avoid becoming a habit, as carelessness can cause a major accident for even a moment.

Things to watch out for in the break

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A person who learns to drive will usually have a small amount of fear inside. So there is a tendency to break through and drive too fast. One way to avoid this altogether is to change our driving style to just braking, which will result in greater fuel efficiency and durability of brake parts. It is best to use rearview mirrors properly when braking.

Avoid pedestrian driving on the clutch pedal

Another factor that should be avoided is foot-driven driving on the clutch pedal. Clutching the clutch pedal may cause the clutch to work partially, thereby producing excessive heat and possibly clogging the clutch parts.

Knowing the road rules

This is the most important thing in driving, perhaps more important than just learning to drive is knowing the rules of the road. Because only someone who knows the rules of the road can be a good driver. Knowledge of road rules can help us avoid unnecessary fines and time lapse.

Other travelers can be respected

One of the things we see on a daily basis is the speed at which some people drive the dirty driving road, reminiscent of the ‘Schumacher’. Needless to say, unnecessary speed can be dangerous. Dangerous overtaking is another art of theirs. This too is a danger. When you are in a traffic block, you will see some roadblocks and other vehicle-wielding carriers. We should always feel that he is obliged to respect other passengers when he is driving his own vehicle.

Let’s study the use of lights

Generally, in the daytime, we have to put aside driving lessons. So we have a craze for how to drive at night time. We are generally hesitant to dim headlights when a vehicle hits us at night. This should be kept in mind when there is a law that only dim light can be used in the city limits at night. A recent study by a government agency on the cause of road accidents in Kerala, to some extent, has to be read with this. Proper use of indicators is also an important factor.

Manual Braking

The main confrontation that comes with braking on a manual car is the presence of the clutch pedal. No problem with the automatic car. The brake pedal’s mission is to slow down; And accelerator pedal.

The clutch pedal is to disconnect the engine connection to the wheels. The order in which these three pedals are to be applied during braking will vary depending on the context of the manual car.

When traveling at high speeds

The car is in top gear when it says it is traveling at 70 km / h. Stopping the engine in gear that is moving too slow is the wrong step.

In this case, only apply the brake to slow down the car. Don’t clutch the clutch. If the speed drops, switch to fourth gear and release the clutch.

The car can be stopped completely by applying the clutch after braking and braking until it is slowed down again (20 km / h). If the car is traveling at a slower speed, apply brakes until it reaches 20 km / h. After that, the clutch can be stopped and the vehicle completely stopped.

emergency stop

Never rush the clutch in situations where you have to stop the vehicle unexpectedly. You must remember this. The best course of action is to try to stop the vehicle based on engine braking.

As the name suggests, engine braking is a way of accomplishing engine braking. In this case it is best not to switch to low gear even if it is over speeding.

stop competition tracks

To stop the car on the fast track, the first brake must be applied. Then tilt the clutch and downshift the gear just before the engine slows down. After changing the gear, the clutch must be completely released.

When the ascent goes down

Beginners are often confused as to how to apply brakes on a manual car when climbing.

The remedy for this confusion is to get into the climbing gear itself. Then the brake pedals can be used to control the car without tilting the clutch.

Is engine braking the right move?

Engine braking is beneficial to the health of the car. Engine braking reduces the need for continuous braking. This will increase the longevity of the brake pads.

Usually the engine that is down will give you more control over the braking car. The brake pads get hot when the brakes are constantly on the descent; As a result, effective braking may not be possible.

Engine braking is the solution to this problem. The claim that the engine is losing fuel is also false. There is no question of losing fuel as the throttle is closed.

Engine Braking – 

The engine braking can slow down the car, but the brake lights are not flashing at this point. This can be confusing in the rear vehicles.

So the risk is a bit higher. If the car is moving in low gear with the engine rpm high, it will do more damage than the engine braking.

In this case, the clutch and gearbox are more likely to crash. The gearbox cannot work with engine speeds and wheel speeds.

This is known as clutch breaking. This step could adversely affect the car. The car never stops by the engine braking. It is imperative to brake pedal in emergency situations.

Here are six more traffic rules you may not know –

The red car should be stopped, the green should be jumped, the seat belt should be removed – often the Indian road rules start and end with these three concepts.

However, in the green, yellow and green traffic signals, a few rules have been written in the Motor Vehicle Act for highway passengers. Six Traffic Laws That You Don’t Know But You Must Know


If another vehicle is parked without giving way to your exit, that is a violation of the law. The law requires the police to seek help at this time. Police have the power to impose a fine of Rs 100 on the person concerned.

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