How to make gloves using plastic bag | plastic bag convert Hand Glove

How to make gloves using plastic bag : I am today is introducing very useful ideas,In Kerala, a land of plastic waste, there is a huge potential for recycling of plastic waste.

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How to make gloves using plastic bag

  1. Take a thick piece of paper.
  2. Mark your hand in it.
  3. Cut the marked area
  4. Then mark on the plastic cover.
  5. Cut the plastic cover like yes
  6. Then rub the top of the iron box

Hand Glove Ready , You can make it very easy at home . Kerala is being plagued by plastic cover waste. As cities and villages alike are in the grip of a culture of consumption, plastic waste and by-products are filling up all over the country. Plastic terrorists are looking at eighteen years of work by governments to eliminate plastic waste that pollutes soil, water and air. But in the other eye, all these plastic waste products are a lot of productive raw materials. With a little bit of business intelligence, you can turn plastic waste into a threat to nature and life.

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