Simple trick for CAR driving

Simple trick for CAR driving
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In this post, I will tell you how to get a car reverse driving. Once you understand this simple trick, reverse driving is easy . It is a driving lesson for beginner drivers, and is aimed at helping you pass your driving test. Driving in reverse can be intimidating to inexperienced and seasoned drivers alike. Backing up is one of the toughest jobs drivers face, as your wheels are in front of you and your view vehicle is hidden when you step back. By driving slowly and paying attention to your surroundings, you can improve your ability to reverse. While many of the habits of driving may seem simple to you, their consequences are not simple. Here are some bad driving habits that can shorten your car’s actual life span by half or more.

Descending the brake pedal
Most of the descents will be on the brakes and driving. It is believed by many to be an easy brake in case of an emergency. But unnecessary footwork on the brakes can put extra pressure on the brake pad and rotor. This will cause the brakes to heat up and lose braking ability. That means you don’t have to get through the brakes. In short, you will get the opposite of what you intended. Then unload the vehicle in short gear. Thus establishing greater control over the vehicle. [Click and drag to move]

Do not pull the gear from the gear lever
Many people put their hands on the gear shift occasionally to get a break from the steering. But this habit can cause damage to the gearbox as even low pressure can damage the gear.

low fuel in the tank
Many people are accustomed to having little fuel in a car tank. But this habit of temporary gain can sometimes cost a lot. This is because the tank will heat up faster when the vehicle is running on less fuel. This can lead to malfunctions including fuel loss. Experts say that at least a quarter of the tank needs fuel.

Unnecessary weight There is a limit to the amount of weight a car can carry. Most of us have a habit of caring for salt to carpool. To maintain the car’s lifespan, it is important to avoid unnecessary weight loss. Excessive weight can adversely affect the fuel efficiency, brakes, suspension and drivetrain.

Unexpected braking : Unexpected braking is a must in many situations. But don’t carry this as a habit. This is because the brake pads and rotors can cause rapid destruction. Avoid sedan braking for smooth operation of brake pedals.


gear shifting
King is the driver in the manual gear system. This means that the driver is the total authority on the engine and its power. No electronic devices interfere with the driver’s instructions. So the driver must be careful with the RPM meter, or the taco meter. Gear shifting should be done at higher RPMs. There is no doubt that too late gear shifting will damage the engine.

Damage  clutch
Many drivers will love the clutch too much. Many are impatient with the green light on traffic signals and pressing their feet on the waiting clutch. Due to this habit, clutch wear can increase. Clutch plates also need to be replaced continuously.

reverse to drive straight
Many people have the habit of shifting the car into drive gear while shifting backwards in reverse gear. Many people start getting into this habit when it comes to vehicle parking. Shifting from one direction to the next unexpectedly can put extra pressure on the car’s drivetrain. So only change the drive gear after the car is in reverse gear.

Heat engine
There is a myth that the engine of the vehicle is well heated before starting to drive. Actually this is the concept of the era of carburetor engines. But all new vehicles have fuel injected engines. This means that these engines can run smoothly even at low temperatures. The ECU system of fuel-injected cars is close to that.

So get rid of the false notion that the engine is hot. This is because heating the engine can cause engine oil dilution. When starting, the fuel will mix with the oil and the lubrication of the oil will decrease. This will cause the engine to fail without adequate lubrication.

Avoid hand brakes
Parking brakes can be part of a vehicle that is not used by many. Some people wonder why parking in gear is a parking brake. If the parking brake is not used, the entire weight of the vehicle will come to the pawl, a small metal component in the gearbox. This can cause damage to the parking lot.

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