How to install c band dish

How to install c band dish
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how to install c band dish : We all watch TV, Many people use different methods. But if you are making some money early, you can watch a lot of channels including Malayalam using the C Band Dish for free. Let me share with you what I know.

How to install

The first thing we need is an uninterrupted sky in the southwest.When you get it out of the shop, the dish is made up of several different parts of the antenna.L N B fit in brackets .If there is a satellite finder and compass, it will be easy to work with.

  • 228 degrees South West dish posiosion
  • Set the elevation to 72 degrees.
  • Connect L N B and Settopbox to output TV.
  • Those with Satellite Finder can use it.
  • Go to Setupbox’s INSTALLATION menu and pick up the transponder list

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