Scholarships for All class students digit Kerala

The students from scholarship the first class to PHD level ,can now apply for various scholarships. Students of Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi and Jains can apply for pre-matric scholarships upto 10th standard and above for post-matric scholarships. Pre-matric scholarships are offered to students belonging to Minority Classes studying in Class I to XII in Government / Aided / Government approved Unaided Schools. Annual family income should not exceed Rs. The student must have secured at least 50% marks in the preceding annual examination (excluding Class I).

Minority classes students from 11th standard to Ph.D level can apply for post-matric scholarships. Must have first year plus / bachelor’s degree or post graduate degree or Ph.D. in higher secondary school, college, institution or university. The study may be in government / aided / government recognized aided institutions. Minority students applying to Technical / Vocational courses in Class XI and ITIs / ITCs with NCVT affiliation can apply. Courses should be based on courses not covered by merit-cum-means scholarship.

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Candidate must have secured at least 50% marks in the previous Board / University Examination. Annual family income should not exceed Rs. Candidates should not receive any other scholarship or stipend.Applicant should have a Savings Bank Account with a Nationalized / Commercial / Scheduled Bank in his / her own name. Mobile number is mandatory. Candidate must have Aadhaar number. It must be linked to the bank account.

For pre / post matric scholarships, you can apply online only. Applications must be made through the National Scholarship Portal. The address is Pre-matric scholarships and post-matric scholarships for students in grades 11 and 12 can apply through August 31. Others have until October 31 to apply for a post-matric scholarship. Details of the pre-matric scholarship can be found at and the post matric is available at

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The University Grants Commission offers Maulana Azad National Fellowship to minority students who have regular and full-time M.Phil / Ph.D programs in Science / Humanities, Social Science, Engineering and Technology. Annual family income should not exceed two and a half lakhs. PG Should have secured at least 50% marks at the level. Must be registered for the M.Phil / Ph.D program. Fellowship is awarded to a Ph.D., or Ph.D., maximum of 5 years. Contingency grant is also available.

For details, please see the notification on the website. The online application deadline is August 15. Scheduled Caste Students for Regular, Full Time M.Phil / Ph.D. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship. Those who receive the fellowship through UGC-NET JRF and UGC-CSIR-NET are not eligible. Must be registered for the course.
Until August 15 at UGC Apply online through the website.

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UGC for M.Phil / Ph.D. study for heterosexuals. Fellowships are provided. Must have registered for the M.Phil / Ph.D program within a maximum of two years of granting the fellowship. If the first two years are satisfactory, the JRF and if the progress is satisfactory, the next three years the SRF. The deadline to apply for this fellowship is August 15, 2016.

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UGC provides students with other backward classes (OBCs) who have regular, full time M.Phil / Ph.D programs in the fields of Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology. National Fellowships are awarded. The deadline to apply online is August 15th.

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UGC To apply for scholarships, go to and click on the ‘Scholarships & Fellowships’ link and click on the link for the respective scholarships. All fellowships and scholarships must be applied online.

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What are scholarships

Scholarships are a financial aid that helps to cover the costs of the education of quality education. The government has introduced a number of scholarships in the private sector for those who have excelled in studies including socially and economically backward students. Scholarships range from 1st grade to higher professional education and research.

Do not be denied the opportunity to study for those who do not have the money. Know what the scholarships are and do not forget to apply on time. Efficient students need to take advantage of the opportunities for deserving scholarships as financial aid is needed to facilitate their studies.

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Scholarships are available to study abroad not only in Kerala and India. Most scholarships must be submitted online. Be sure to submit the necessary supporting documents along with the application. Periodic renewal is also essential to ensure the availability of various types of scholarships. Since bank account information is required for scholarships in government sector, care should be taken to open a joint / single account with a nationalized bank. Those who apply online must remember their username and password. Online applications are best made at least two days before the closing date. It can help reduce online problems. Scholarships are also an encouragement for higher studies.

Higher Education Scholarship

Undergraduate students studying in Government Aided Arts and Science colleges and university departments can apply for scholarships. For this scholarship, which is administered by the State College of Education, students must have passed plus two or equivalent examination with 50% marks in science subjects and 45% marks in other subjects. SC / ST students have five per cent marks. Those who are physically challenged will get 25 fixed sums

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