Natural Hair Dye at home

Gray hair is a beauty problem that bothers many people today. Hair thinning is very common as you get older.There are many reasons for hair to fall off at an early age. We use the word premature nara to refer to it. Tradition, stress, chemicals used in hair, experiments in hair, water are some of the reasons for this.

Dye is the most commonly found remedy for hair follicles. But blending in with artificial ingredients can eliminate the problem for a while but can have many side effects. Many of these ingredients can lead to certain types of cancer.There are plenty of natural remedies for hair follicles. There are many different types of mono layers. Some special techniques that do no harm but guarantee full results. Learn about some of these pitfalls,

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Coconut oil and lemon

One of the main ingredients of this recipe is a mixture of coconut oil and lemon. Coconut oil is very good for hair health. The healthy fats in it provide this quality. Lemon is like this. It is a good remedy for many problems, including dandruff. Mixing coconut oil with lemon and coconut oil in a special way will help darken any hair.

Coconut oil

Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil as a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix the two. Gently massage your hair from the roots to the base. It can be rinsed with shampoo after an hour. Do this for a few weeks. Gray hair can be darkened with 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 2 tbsp lemon juice. Heat the coconut oil and add lemon juice to it. Wash for an hour. Do this twice a week.

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This problem can be solved by spraying a special blend made with lemon. First, take the lemon. Cut lemon juice in a bowl .Pour lemon juice into boiling water .Ensure equal quantity of lemon water. You can add some honey to this mix. Take the prepared mixture in a spray bottle and spray all over your hair. Then brush all over your hair with a brush


There is also a special blend made with potatoes. This is great for dark hair. Another option is to peel the potatoes. 2, 3 Peel the peeled potatoes. Boil the potato peel in water. Once well boiled, boil on low heat for 5 minutes. You can also add some rosemary or lavender oil to get a good smell.

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Then rinse off the hair after bathing. After a while, your hair will dry again. There will be benefits. There is no fear of harm to your hair as it is a natural option. Henna : henna is a natural way to darken hair. In addition, coconut oil doubles as a beneficial blend. Peanuts and coconut oil are needed for this particular type of oil to darken your hair. Otherwise you can cut it slightly. If both of these are not possible, the peacock powder is sufficient.

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Coconut oil

Boil this leaf in coconut oil. The oil should be boiled to a good red color until the oil is hydrated. The oil can be applied to the hair and scalp for an hour. This oil is a great way to not only burn your hair, but also to prevent hair growth and dandruff. Gooseberry : Dry a handful of gooseberry. You can also buy dried gooseberry. Once the powder is dry, mix the powdered gooseberry powder with 10 mL of coconut oil. Keep this bottle in sunlight for 15 days. Infuse the mixture. Apply this oil on your hair and massage it. Hair loss

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