Cough Treatment Natural Remedies

The following home remedies can completely eliminate the Cough , Home remedy for cough is mixing honey with warm water. Ginger. Ginger may ease a dry or asthmatic cough, as it has anti-inflammatory properties .It is rainy season now. So there are a lot of people who suffer from fever and colds.

Cough Treatment  Ingredients

Ginger-100Gms – Turmeric Powder-1/4tsp -Cinnamon powder-1/4tsp – Cloves Powder-1/2tsp – Basil-1tbsp – Lemon peel-1/4tsp – Cumin powder-1/4tsp – Pepper powder-1/2tsp – Rock Candy -handful – Dry ginger powder-1/4tsp – Honey-2tbsp – Lemon juice -2tbsp

Some people experience coughs due to colds or swelling, which may last for a long time. The headaches etc. can all be part of the problem of not being able to perform even the smallest tasks. Colds are not the only cause. Fever followed by infection, allergies, smoking, pneumonia, and respiratory illnesses — all of which can lead to fatigue. Drugs that are taken over a long period of time can be fraught with side effects.

But there are small treatments that can be done at home to control the cafe. Since there are no side effects, there are no other problems with trying all of these. Ginger is a home remedy that can be tested at home. Ginger can effectively fight off bacteria and virus. At the same time, the ginger also helps in relaxing the mucous membranes in your chest.

Garlic is another home remedy for caffeine. Garlic is very effective in combating viral or fungal problems. Garlic can be eaten raw or mixed in food without over-cooking. Pineapple is another antidote to caffeine. Bromlaine, an enzyme found in pineapple, can help fight asthma and other allergies. Pineapple juice also helps to keep the mucous membranes trapped inside.

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Onions can also help protect the caffeine to a lesser extent. For this, onions should be chopped, and soaked in water for six to eight hours. Consume three to four tablespoons of this water daily. Cardamom is another remedy that helps alleviate the problems of caffeine. Cardamom generally helps us with proper digestion. The digestive tract is slower when ingested. Cardamom can be avoided to avoid such problems.

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