Tire Markings Explained : How to buy best tire

What is the most important part or component of a car? The answer will start with one from the engine. Tire will be considered the most last one. This is because most people have the principle that the engine, including the engine, can only be run. But as far as the engine is concerned, tire is a must.The markings on a tire are the words, letters and symbols written on the sidewall of the tire.

185 – Tire width in millimeters from side to side; 60 – The height of the tire profile is expressed as a percentage of the width. In our case, the height is 60% of the width, that is. 101 mm Profile height is often called a series. In some sizes, the series number is missing, for example, 195 R16 C. Such designations are found in full profile tires, in which the height and width ratio is 80% or 82%;

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When exactly should car tires change?

Effective braking, safety, riding and speed – these all depend on the quality of the tire. But when exactly do you need to change car tires? Many people are confused by this. These are just some of the warning signs that it’s time to change your car tire – Tire preparation is a major factor affecting tire performance. The tire need not be changed when the tread is out.

Manufacturers themselves are putting on tires to see if the tread is slowing. The grip of a low tread tire will be lost. The law requires tire tread to be at least 1.6 mm deep. Depth of trades can also be measured using a small coin. 17-inch, 18-inch, 19-inch – How do wheel sizes affect a car’s performance? The brightest cars in the Indian market in 2017 The side tire of the tire (side wall) is more pressing as the car travels. Tire sides will be further developed when necessary.

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But in the face of repeated pressure, cracks appear on the sides of the tires. This poses a great danger. In some cases this can cause tires to break. Tires are made of rubber layers. Pressurized air is what is inside the tire. But occasionally a leak can occur in the inner layer of the tire. As a result, the compressed air enters the outer layer. This is the reason for tire winging. This problem is most commonly found on low quality tires. It is imperative to replace the tires immediately. The average tire life span is 35,000 km. But the idea that you can change tires after running 35,000 km is wrong. Tire manufacturers have a life expectancy of five years.

Because the rubber gets thicker as it gets older. The thicker rubber will reduce the grip. Therefore, old tires can be dangerous. When it comes to buying new tires, never forget to check the manufacturer’s date on the sides of the tire. The danger of tires being constantly punched is also very high. If more than 15 tires occur in the tire, it is recommended to buy new tires.

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Because of the rapid loss of air from the tire of the punch. This can adversely affect the safety and performance of the car. If the tires are not properly balanced the vibrations will be felt. If the alignment is corrected and the tension is still strong, the tires need to be changed immediately. Older tires lose flexibility over time. This can lead to strong trembling. Strong trembling can also affect the car’s suspension performance

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How to buy best tire

There can be no doubt about this. It’s simple. Tire goes into the shop and says the car. Buying tires from a company that knows or says someone is good. Life is more than capable and costly. Look for a purchase. For the most part, tire selection is in fact this way. So what’s the point of buying a tire? Timely or cash profit? But this will only harm you. So when you buy tires, there are a few things to look out for.

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Let us look at a few things

First, you need to know when to change the tire. When the tread is out, the manufacturer has put the tire on the tire. When buying tires, look for a good brand and buy. Don’t forget to pay the bill when buying it from authorized dealers. This is because leading brands warrant their tire and another is ISIS. Only tires with ISIS can be purchased as per Indian road conditions. In essence, you should not go after cheap Chinese tires without an ISI mark. Before buying tires, think about where the car is most likely to be used. Then you have to choose accordingly. The tires that get the most out of performance and comfort are the best for highway travelers. These can be expensive. But tires that get more mileage are better for those who have more City Drive.

lifetime of the tire

Another is the life span of the tire. Assuming the life span of a tire is thirty-five thousand kilometers, do not assume that thirty-five thousand kilometers can be run in ten years. Tire manufacturers have a life span of five years whether they run it or not. So when buying a tire, you should look at the date on which the side tire is written on the side of the tire. Don’t buy old stock

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Many weather tires are available in the market. But all-weather tires are best suited to Indian conditions. It also has several tread tires. Visceral, asymmetric, performance, and so on. Wish less tires are increasingly being purchased by those who emphasize tire upsets. But don’t forget that these tires are more noisy. Performance tires are for those who love speed. Made from soft compound material, it has a short life span.

should be noted tire pattern

Another noteworthy thing is the tire pattern. In some vehicles, four tires are owned by four companies. The ability and the four tires must be from the same company. The tire pattern should be the same even if it is no longer the same company thickness. The two on the same axle should be the same. If not, you may experience a side squeeze in the race. Sometimes not all tires need to be changed. Front tires on front-wheel drive vehicles and rear tires on rear-wheel drive vehicles are more prone to wear. If we buy two new tires in our country, it will be in the front. But it is advisable to leave behind new tires. Because it is good for stability, road grip and safety. Remember that the size of the tire must never change.

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