Kerala driving license renewal new rules

Kerala driving license renewal : One thing we all know is that the spread of covid has affected all sectors in the same way. Therefore, it has greatly affected the matters related to driving and matters related to obtaining a license. But if the vehicle goes the road without renewing the license, it means that it has been fined if caught. Understand what the new rules are about license renewal. Currently, the Union Ministry of Transport has tightened all the rules. Therefore, the chances of being fined on the spot if any kind of violation is noticed are not get penalty.

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What are the new rules regarding renewal of license?

In the past, a driver’s license want to renew before expire in 30 days. According to the revised rules, if the driving license expires today, the unlicensed person will not be able to use the vehicle on the road from tomorrow. It is considered as driving a person without a driver’s license. According to the revised law, a person can renew his or her driving license expiration of one year before or after one year without penalty.

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This means that those working in foreign countries will not have to face any problems in the future if their license is renewed a year in advance in cases where they have to go before renewing their driving license. The license can be renewed without taking a retest for up to one year as the license expires. However, the license can be renewed before or after one year the expiry of the license.

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A competitive certificate is required for a person renewing his license after one year. It requires a learner’s license. This means that you will have to take a new test and renew your license in the same way as you would a new license. The difference here is that there is no such thing as a license test 30 days after the Learner’s Test. Only road test is required.

The revised Traffic Act of 2019 removes the ban on the use of transport vehicles without a badge. Under the new law of the Supreme Court, a badge is not required to drive LMV vehicles. Vehicles above that require a badge. Vehicles in the 407 category do not need a badge. In those days it was necessary to pass the eighth grade to receive the badge but was not required under the revised law. Be sure to renew your driver’s license and vehicle insurance on time for all reasons. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

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