How To Build  Cheap Solar Power System at Home

How To Build  Cheap Solar Power System at Home

How To Build  Cheap Solar Power System at Home . Any old inverter in your home can be your own solar inverter The following is a list of low cost solar solar inverter builders.



How To Build  Cheap Solar Power System at Home , here is a great video to help you out. Published on the YouTube channel Hameed Orbit, the video has already been viewed by 5000 of people.

Inverter is a factor that improves the quality of our solar panel system. If we can do this, we can save a good amount of money.

Now you can get all kinds of equipment working in DC

How to Build a 12 Volt Home Solar System of 100 Watts

  • Solar Panel Price of Rs 1,100 (  100 Watts )
  • 2.40 Ah Battery 5500
  • 3.Charger Controller 10 Ampere  Rs 1200
  • 4.DC Wires Rs.500

Give the connection as shown in the diagram. Good light 12 volt LED bulbs are available in the low price range

Solar panels are available in 12 volt ceiling fans and table fans.
If you only need 230 volts then the mini inverter module that converts 12 volts to 230 volts A / c will be available at Electronics Spare Parts shops.

Car mobile chargers in the range of 100-150 rupees are available for duty free shops selling china goods. With this we can charge any mobile phone directly from the battery.

SONY company is also working on a 12 volt LED TV. Using a 100 watt panel with a 75Ah battery gives you more time to back up

  1. Power Dc Ceiling used for each equipment .Fan 2 Ampere
  2. Mobile Charger 1 amp.
  3. 10 LEDs 1 Ampere
  4. LED TV 5 Ampere
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