How to make Pressure Cooker Perfect Cake

How to make Pressure Cooker Perfect  Cake
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No Oven No Beater No Pressure Cooker Perfect Vanilla Soft Sponge Cake Recipe.


  • Maida – one and a half cups
  • 3 eggs
  • Sugar – one cup
  • Butter – one cup
  • Salt – just enough
  • Baking Powder – One Tbsp
  • Milk powder – three tbsp
  • Strawberry Essence – a teaspoon (add your favorite Essence)

How to make cake

First, let’s take the maida And baking powder to it mix it up .add sugar, egg and butter and beat well in the mix , Take it ,Add salt, milk powder and essence to it.Then put the cooker in the oven and heat for ten minutes Take a bowl, rub some butter in it, add some maida flour and toss. Cake All I can do is get a quick shake.very easy, everyone should look .Thank you


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