Learn Arabic From Malayalam app review

Today’s post is to speak in Arabic. Let’s launch an Android app for google play store . This app is made to encourage you to speak Arabic from Malayalam. Currently communicate effectively in Arabic with the help of this app. Arabic words and phrases have been successfully supplied from Malayalam.

Speaking in Arabic is a fashion and necessity in Arab countries. The app primarily seeks to introduce Malayalam speakers. All Malayalam native speakers can learn Arabic through the application “Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360”.


The application takes a scientific approach, presenting Arabic alphabets, words and phrases in that order and applying them to the most common situations of everyday life.

This app is also useful for tourists, employees and business people visiting Arab countries. It is designed to help learners learn Arabic using Arabic audio and Malayalam formats. The learning process is simple with this app, users can tap the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of Arabic words. The application follows a predetermined structure to translate into Arabic.This app contains Malayalam references for each Arabic word and phrase.

  1. Download link >>> http://bit.ly/2nGf1Nj
  2. Download link >>>>> http://bit.ly/2q53s2Z
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