how to connect mobile to tv with mhl cable

how to connect mobile to tv with mhl cable

How to connect your Android device to a TV : Connect the Micro USB to HDMI cable (MHL Cable) to your phone, and then connect the other end to the HDMI input port on your TV.


USB MHL to HDMI Cable Adapter

Transmit Phone’s Content to An HDTV The 2m micro USB MHL to HDMI cable adapter can help you enjoy content saved on your phone on a big screen HDTV , Make sure your phone is supported by MHL and only buy the cable. available from amazon  .

One of the things that everyone is asking is whether there is a cable from the phone to the TV, which is why so many people come to this shop with the same need. Today’s blog is about what this cable is and how to use it.

The phone used to connect to the TV is a model called Samsung S3. First we will show you how to connect to LED TV from this phone. Then you can learn how to connect to the standard Crt TV we use.

MHL cable is the name of the cable used here to connect from the phone. You can buy it online or at your online store. Another thing to look for is the model that supports your phone. Depending on your phone model you can buy and look. You can look at your phone’s specifications to see which cable is working. If it doesn’t show up on your phone, just google it. This way you can buy the model you need and connect it to what you see in the video.

If you ignore such knowledge and listen and try it, you will be able to connect like this, we are happy to bring this knowledge to you, do not forget to pass it on to your companions, and we invite all of you back here for more information, thank you!

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