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How many people know how to recover deleted files using Android phone? A handful apps are available on the google Play Store. Here’s a look at what ups and how you can use them.

Before introducing application , there are some things to know. You can return the lost files in two ways. One is the apps that resemble the computer’s recycling bin. These apps store the files that you delete into the bin folder. This will contain all the deleted files. You can retrieve it later.

The second is the actual recovery apps. This will help you recover fully deleted files from your phone. Here we will introduce some of these.


DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery best recovery apps currently available in the Android Play Store. deleted images, video and audio can be retrieved to a certain extent through this app. Even with your memory card formatted, you can still recover files using this app. The phone does not need root access to use this app. Whatever the root, the app will work with a little bit more effectiveness.You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.

Disk Video Recovery Pro

Disk Video Recovery Pro app lets you now recover your deleted video with this simple Android Deleted Video Recovery! Install and enter our memory card, then mark what kind of format. Then you will see the formatted file that you have previously deleted, in the folder of this software.

How to recovery WhatsApp delet file

Downloading data recovery software, connect to your mobile personal computer. USB debugging will detect the phone’s personal computer. The next step is to check the data on the phone. It is best to do this data recovery test on a personal computer. Because if you are a public computer and don’t pay attention to checking your phone data, you can take this software as computer malware.

Once you have the permission to check the data on your phone, the personal computer will start checking the Android phone. Once this check is complete, the software will ask for permission to scan the data on the phone. Do not forget to also click on the option to recover lost data from the permission group. With this you can see all the messages you thought were missing.

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