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A major problem that most people who bought vehicles is that they do not get the spare parts when they need to change for minor damage. Getting these parts are not an easy task, especially for those who buy all second-and used cars. If you approach any shop in our local shops they will charge big price even for small parts. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after items on the market today. There are many shops here that sell vehicle-related items. Therefore, there is no doubt that parts that are not available in one store will be available in another.

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What kind of vehicle products are available here?

MS Motors, a shop based in this market, offers tires, small and large spare parts. Silencers in various designs and models are all available here at very affordable prices. You can get a nice cool colorful silencer from here for just Rs.1000.

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These are also available in different designs and patterns. All the silencers of 600 rupees have to be bought in the shops of our country for double the price. Extra lights are also available here that can be used by any vehicle. Not only new parts but also second hand items are sold here. That is why all the petrol tanks required for older vehicles are available here even if the model is required.

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Not only bikes but also car accessories are available in this market. Those who want to buy all the car related accessories can contact MES Motors. Car stereo systems are available here for Rs 500 to Rs 5,000. Here you will find all the accessories of the latest model.

All types of vehicle accessories can be purchased from a market by paying only half of the amount required to pay at the shops in Kerala. Seat covers for the car are available from Rs 800 to Rs 2000. When you come to this market you can not only get spare parts for old vehicles but also new and pick up parts for old vehicles.

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Products from brands such as Royal Enfield are also available here. It’s also a shop called Kovai Kamal.

Those who want to buy new and old spare parts for all types of vehicles at affordable prices can reach the Maulana Market at ukkadam Coimbatore.Watch the video to learn more about this market.

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  • Kovai Kamal +918428271881
  • MS Motors : +919585906776
  • MES Motors : +919843699193

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