How to make Automatic water tap system

How to make Automatic water tap system
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One of the things we often see when we go to big restaurants and so on is when we go near a tap to wash our hands and just show our hand, water comes out of the pipe. Many of us wonder what the technology behind this is. We also wonder what would happen if such a system was introduced in our home. This way you can see how to operate your home’s pipes automatically and how to get water.

The things needed are a proximity sensor that senses when an object is moving at a certain distance. It is powered by a water solenoid valve, 12 volts DC. That way the valve opens and water comes in. Take the proximity sensor first to provide the connection, which comes with three main connections. The output, ground and VCC are three. Bend the first leg of the 75 volt regulator IC to ground 5 V negative and vCC positive to ground VCC, and the second leg to the proximity ground. Enter the third sensor into the VCC as well. Then a diode should be soldered and plugged parallel to the relay coil. Bend the input diode of the regulator IC to your lined side and solder the leg. Pull up the resistor through its back side. Bend the collector and emitter lugs. Connect the connection regulator from the emitter to in input.

Insert the base pin in the middle of the transistor to the out of the proximity log. The solenoid must then connect the positive and negative valves. 7805 should be entered in the middle of the IC to connect the negative. The second part can be connected with or without connection, depending on how far you want the sensor to fit. Check it out first. The sensors can be adjusted to your wish. Insert a well-insulated socket into the thread to connect it to the solenoid valve pipe. Remove the nylon tube from the bottom of the washbasin and replace the socket completely. Fit the nylon tube of the pipe by loosening it earlier on the other side of the solenoid wall. The test can then be performed by inserting the previously made circuit into the solenoid valve. Now you can see the water coming in while hand sensoring. In the same way, you can change the pipes in your house automatic method . You can watch the video to understand the circuit and more.



  • water solenoid valve
  • proximity sensor
  • 12 V RELAY
  • 1 n 4007 diode
  • bc 457 transistor
  • 1 k resistor


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