GPS tracker for any vehicle :

One of the things that often happens to us is that when the vehicle is parked in places like malls it is difficult to find out exactly where the vehicle is parked. Today, it is safe to say that there are fewer households that do not have at least one vehicle. Every home has a vehicle, such as a scooter or car. But many of us are not aware of the many technologies that are often released for vehicles. An important example of this is that if we park a vehicle in one place and move forward to the vehicle in front of it, sometimes our vehicle will have to be replaced, although in some cases the phone number is written on the back of the vehicle, this feature is not found in most vehicles. Here are two key technologies that can be used in all such situations: GPS tracker and QR code sticker.

The DADDY’S ROAD can be used in situations where someone needs to call the owner of the car in case of emergency but the QR code sticker can give the owner the contact number. You can then install the Daddy’s Road app on your phone and scan the QR code and link the information about your vehicle. Using such a QR code will provide a customer care system that operates 24 hours a day. This way, if our vehicle is parked somewhere in a way that could obstruct others, they will call the owner or their relatives. Using such a Your Code sticker is definitely helpful for those who do not want to know the phone number outside.

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Daddy’s Road brand GPS tracker can be used to track GPS via an internet activated SIM. This is a tracker that can be easily connected and used with only the positive and negative of the battery. This will allow us to find out exactly where our vehicle is. All you have to do is enter all the information about the vehicle in the Daddy’s Road app. Once you have added all the information that the QR code stands for, you can know exactly where your vehicle was at any given time.

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The QR code can be purchased for Rs 599 after installing the HaHoo app on the Google Play Store and creating an account. The GPS tracker is priced at Rs 3,000. After downloading and registering the Daddy ‘sRoad app from the Play Store, you can enter information about your vehicle. The photo of the vehicle, company and model number along with the emergency number should be given in it. The QR code above the GPS track can then be read using the gender track selected camera option. The GPS tracker can then be connected to the vehicle’s battery. This will give you location information every 30 seconds. Location history can also be used to determine the time the vehicle was driven. These work with an Indian SIM so it cannot be made to work abroad


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