How to make security alarm system at home

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Today, most homes and businesses use a variety of security devices. But the market has to pay a high price for these. Moreover, we do not know how much work these will take. When using devices like CCTV, we can often only detect it when someone comes home. But what if an alarm goes off as soon as the thieves get home? With this one alarm that can be built by anyone at a very low cost, you can find out as soon as the thief enters the house and see what is required to set such an alarm.

A calling bell used in a typical home requires only a DC, followed by a 5 volt relay, a BC 547 transistor, an IN4007 diode, a 1K resistor, a 9v battery, a clip needed to connect the battery, and a fiber box.

A module has three pins. The positive center on the left is given as the connection and the third connection is given as negative. It can be connected up to 12 volts. It must first be soldered to the diode relay. The solder is to be soldered from the first available to the third log. Take the PIR module and connect the second part of the resistor to its center. When you take the battery case, its positive part will be red and negative black. Look at the negative and the positive and solder it correctly. The negative part should reach the emitter. Enter the module black color transistor. Solder the negative side of the diode. Solder the second log provided in the center of the relay to provide an external connection. After all the soldering is done properly, make the connection to the battery.

When connecting to the battery, the positive part can be cut off and the connection made. Then for testing, you can take an AC code wire and look at the connection to the direct current. If working, remove the connection from the plug and make one connection directly to the belly and the second connection to the wire taken from the previous circuit. The circuit is now powered by AC. Once the connection is done, you can connect the plug and check if it is working.

To make a connection to a bulb in the same way, you can remove the holder on the bulb and make a connection to it. Now as you move your hand it will come with a detected sound. In addition, timing for cutoff must be provided. You can then take it out and put two holes in the plastic box and set the alarm box. The front of the sensor can be turned on only at night with the front facing forward. This way you can set the alarm to catch burglars at home.


security alarm Making Materials

  • DC bell 
  • PIR module
  • 5 volt relay
  • bc547 transistor
  • IN 4007 diode
  • 1 k resistor
  • 9 V Battery
  • 9 V Battery clip  
  • Fiber box ( case )

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  1. ഡിസി മണി
    PIR മൊഡ്യൂൾ
    5 വോൾട്ട് റിലേ
    bc547 ട്രാൻസിസ്റ്റർ
    4007 ഡയോഡിൽ
    1 കെ റെസിസ്റ്റർ
    9 V ബാറ്ററി
    9 V ബാറ്ററി ക്ലിപ്പ്
    ഫൈബർ ബോക്സ് (കേസ്)
    can i get this items by currier.


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