Ayushman Bharat Yojana Insurance

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‘AYUSHMAN BHARAT YOJANA’ is a scheme launched by the Central Government for the health needs of the common people. This will enable you to get free treatment at various government and private hospitals. Learn more about the AYUSHMAN BHARAT YOJANA scheme, which provides insurance coverage of up to Rs 5 lakh per family for just Rs 30.

All the necessary registrations are being done at the panchayat and municipal levels. All you have to do is pay ID proof and Rs 30. Then you will get a smart card. Everyone in a family gets separate cards. But everyone in the family gets only Rs 5 lakh. About 60 per cent of the insurance premium is given by the Central Government and the remaining 40 per cent by the State Government. This system can also be used in hospitals in Union Territories.

Many people are members of the scheme but many do not know which hospitals are covered under this scheme. It provides complete information about AYUSHMAN BHARAT project. To check the hospital, click on the Hospital section on the main page. On the next page you have to select the state, district and hospital type. When selecting the hospital type, you can view everything from public to private and not for profit. As well as the specialty can be selected. Here you can find complete information about Hospitals A. Prior to that, the following captcha must be entered. Now you can see all the specialty categories covered by insurance. The list of hospitals that get this one facility will be available as soon as the district is hit. In it you can choose the hospital according to your needs.

To check if you are eligible, check the login page and enter your phone number. Enter the captcha below. An OTP is obtained when the generated OTP is clicked. Enter it. You can then check you are eligible through the following process.

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