Anti-snake venom Hospital in Kerala | 14 District Hospital list

Below are the hospitals you should take if you get a snake poison . Don’t waste valuable time getting into a hospital without Anti Venom.

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Thiruvananthapuram District:

  1. Government Medical College, Trivandrum.
  2. SAT Trivandrum.
  3. General Hospital, Trivandrum
  4. General Hospital, Neyyattinkara.
  5. PRS Hospital, Killipalam
  6. CSI Medical College, Karakonam.
  7. Gokulam Medical College, Venjaramoodu
  8. KIMS Hospital


  1. jilla Hospital, Kollam.
  2. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Kottarakkara
  3. Taluk Headquarters, Punalur.
  4. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Sasthamcotta.
  5. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Karunagappally.
  6. Government Medical College, Paripally.
  7. Ideal Hospital, Karunagappally.
  8. St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital, Anchal
  9. Upasana Hospital, Kollam.
  10. Travancore Medici, Kollam.
  11. Government District Hospital, Kollam.
  12. Holy Cross Hospital, Kottiyam.
  13. Azeezia Medical College Hospital

Pathanamthitta District:

  1. General Hospital, Pathanamthitta
  2. General Hospital, Adoor
  3. General Hospital, Thiruvalla
  4. District Hospital, Kozhencherry
  5. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Ranni
  6. Taluk Headquarters, Mallapally
  7. Pushpagiri Medical College, Thiruvalla.
  8. Holy Cross Hospital, Adoor
  9. Thiruvalla Medical Mission

Alappuzha district

  1. Government Medical College, Alappuzha
  2. District Hospital, Mavelikkara
  3. Taluk Headquarters, Cherthala
  4. Taluk Headquarters, Chengannur
  5. KCM Hospital, Nooranad
  6. Ikotayam District:
  7. Government Medical College, Kottayam.
  8. Institute of Child Health, Kottayam.
  9. General Hospital, Kottayam.
  10. General Hospital, Kanjirapally.
  11. Community Health Center, Erumeli.
  12. Taluk Headquarters, Vaikom.
  13. Caritas Hospital
  14. Bharat Hospital

Ernakulam District

  1. Government Medical College, Cochin.
  2. General Hospital, Ernakulam.
  3. Colenchery Medical Mission Hospital.
  4. Nirmala Hospital, Muvattupuzha (no longer available)
  5. Mar Baselios Hospital, Kothamangalam
  6. Charlie’s Hospital, Muvattupuzha.
  7. Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly.
  8. Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam.
  9. Aster Medicine, Ernakulam.
  10. Amrita Medical College, Ernakulam.
  11. Lake Shore Hospital, Ernakulam.
  12. St. George Hospital, Vazhakkulam.
  13. Taluk Headquarters, Paravur


Thrissur District:

  1. Government Medical College, Thrissur.
  2. Jubilee Medical Mission, Thrissur.
  3. Irinjalakuda Co-operative Hospital
  4. Malankara Hospital, Kunnamkulam.
  5. Elite Hospital, Coorgancheri.
  6. Amala Medical College, Thrissur.
  7. General Hospital, Thrissur.
  8. District Hospital, Wadakkanchery.
  9. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Kodungalloor
  10. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Chalakkudy.
  11. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Pudukkad.
  12. Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Kunnamkulam

Palakkad District:

  1. Government Tribal Specialty Hospital, Kottathara.
  2. Palawan Hospital.
  3. Valluvanad Hospital, Ottapalam.
  4. PK Das Institute of Medical Science.
  5. Government District Hospital, Palakkad.
  6. Service Hospital, Pattambi.
  7. Primary Health Center, Putur.
  8. Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Palakkad.
  9. Taluk Headquarters, Ottapalam.
  10. District Hospital, Perinthalmanna

Malappuram District:

  1. Manjeri Medical College.
  2. Almas
  3. Kim Al-Shifa Hospital, Perinthalmanna.
  4. Maulana Hospital, Perinthalmanna.
  5. Mission Hospital, Kotkal.
  6. Alshifa Hospital, Perinthalmanna.
  7. EMS Hospital, Perinthalmanna.
  8. District Hospital, Perinthalmanna.
  9. District Hospital, Tirur.
  10. District Hospital, Perinthalmanna.

Idukki District:

  1. District Hospital, Painavu
  2. Taluk Headquarters, Thodupuzha
  3. Taluk Headquarters, Nedukandam
  4. Taluk Headquarters, Peermede
  5. Taluk Hospital, Adimali
  6. Primary Health Center, Peruvantanam

Wayanad District

  1. District Hospital, Mananthavady
  2. District Headquarters Hospital, Bathery
  3. General Hospital, Kalpetta

Kozhikode District

  1. Government Medical College, Kozhikode
  2. Aster Mims Hospital, Kozhikode
  3. Baby Memorial Hospital
  4. Asha Hospital, Vadakara
  5. General Hospital, Kozhikode
  6. District Hospital, Vadakara
  7. Taluk Headquarters, Koyilandy

Kannur District

  1. Pariyaram Medical College
  2. Co-operative Hospital, Thalassery
  3. AKG Memorial Hospital
  4. General Hospital, Thalassery
  5. District Hospital, Kannur

Kasargod District

  1. General Hospital, Kasaragod
  2. District Hospital, Kanahngad
  3. Haridas Clinic, Neeleswaram


Many people do not know what to do if they are bitten by a snake. Therefore,lot of people think that a snake bite kills them instantly. But no matter how venomous the snake bites, it is important to get the patient to the hospital as soon as possible. Doing so may save the patient no matter how venomous the snake bite. Not only that, but giving the patient the courage they need is a very important thing. Snake bites should not be taken to any hospital but should be taken to hospitals with antivenom instead. If the snake bites, take the patient to a hospital where they will receive antivenom as soon as possible.

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Everyone is suddenly scared when a snake bites. This creates a huge risk. Therefore, even if a snake is bitten, it is best to never tell the patient that it is a venomous snake. But the doctor needs to be given accurate information when going to the hospital for treatment. Alas the people who get to the hospital have to deal with things in the same way that it is a venomous snake.It is important to get the patient to the hospital to get the proper treatment they need. But before that, there are some things you can do yourself in terms of caring for the patient.

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What are the things to do when identify the snake has bitten?

If you can catch a bitten snake, take it to the hospital carefully. But for treatment it is not a big thing. This will make the treatment easier. If not, trying to identify the snake is good for the treatment. Not all snakes are venomous snakes. But we should not take it for granted. There are two types of snake bites: wet bite and dry bite.

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This means that some snake bites do not cause venom in the body. It may be overused between meals. Therefore, the amount of toxins that enter the body of the person bitten will be less.

Do not ask the snake bite victim to walk for any reason. This is because the more the body moves, the more it can cause poisoning. If the bite is on the hand or foot, it should be tied with a scale below it so that it does not move. When the wound is cleaned and bandaged, it should not be pressed under any circumstances.

The bitten area can be cleaned with normal water and soap. New research shows that there is no need to bind on the bite site. But due to the difficulty of getting to the hospital, many people get injured. Even so, the wound should not be pressed too hard on the top. Doing so will result in loss of blood flow and the need to amputate the arm.

Blood tests and clinical skill tests will be performed at the hospital to determine if the venom has entered the body of the person bitten by the snake. The doctor will then prescribe treatment. If the snake is a venomous snake, more fluid will be seen on the wounded area. Immediate treatment should be available in such cases. There is no need to flow blood from the bite of the same snake. In addition, the treatment for venomous snake bites is to seek treatment in a hospital without going to a doctor. Do not put any herbs or salt on top of the wound.This can lead to infection.

Here discuss about how to treat a person who has been bitten by a snake. The list of hospitals where antivenom is available in Kerala is also included here.

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