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Hello every one. Here is the latest GB WHATSAPP  released. Do you know that? Wait! Here we need to clear all queries about it and help you download its latest version. GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp APK mods out there. Use the new 7.50 app release in the super exciting features. Read the MOD process by reading Fouad Mokdad for feature details. So go ahead and check it out.

GB WhatsApp are not popular, you may not know more about it. This midfold developed by Fauud Mokdad. He developed Fouad applications. Let’s get to the topic directly. GB WhatsApp helps run multiple app accounts. This is an app that uses Dual SIM mobile as a second app account availability. Most of us know about Android and use GBMods or WhatsApp Plus. But, this mode comes with some awesome features. So, do not forget to enjoy them. Now go download the latest 2018 APK.

GB WhatsApp Features :

  • Privacy and Theme modifications
  • Supports audio and video Calling with new UI
  • Hide the Last Seen option
  • Show “Online / Last Seen” on the main screen
  • Themes Store with 100+ Styles to download
  • Choose from 30+ Ticks & Bubbles styles
  • No need of loading for media preview
  • Send video size up to 1GB (instead of 32MB)
  • Add up to 250 characters in your status field
  • Click and copy anyone’s staus
  • Change app launcher and notifications icon
  • Big emojis, Ban proof and much more!

We can not imagine a world without the Whatsapp. The full king of instant messaging apps has been deleted and phone calls have been reduced by 50%. However, we can always try to improve it, that is why the different clones are trying to add new features to the world’s best chat applications.The phone moked the name of one of the Mods users. This developer has already created three different App Mods that have achieved some popularity in their various improvements, password protected conversations, application customization or file transitions improvements. Any user of this application may need something.

Like any other APK MOD, the official application can not find the Fouad Mokdad app on the official Google Play Store as you oppose the gigantic rules as it is based on the original source code. However, that does not mean it is dangerous. In addition, the developer states that it has been prepared to remove the official messaging system.

To try this version, you need to download the APK file from the Malawi or install it directly from its official website or to ensure that the option to install the application from unknown sources is enabled in your settings. It’s normal to download and install apps, games, and tools that can not be found in Google Play.

About whatsapp : WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging platform application , and voice over IP (VoIP) service. The app allows you to send text messages, voice calls, video calls, images, and other media, documents, and user locations.It can be accessed from desktop computers, but the application works from the mobile app. Service is required. Consumer customers to provide a common cellular mobile number. Initially users can communicate only with individual users or individual users. In September 2017, the app announced a new business platform for customers to set up customer service.


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