How to download birth certificate in Kerala

How to download birth certificate in Kerala
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Birth certificates from local bodies are required for various purposes. Children need to produce a birth certificate for such purposes as school admission and passport acquisition. These certificates are freely available online. Certificate copy with online barcode can be printed and used as authentic document for various purposes.


To get a copy of Birth Certificate, Government of Kerala has to log on to Click on the Certificate Search link on the website. When clicking on the page that opens, you have to select the Birth Registered Local Self Government and District.

From the next page, click on the person’s birth year for the certificate.

Then search the person’s birth certificate, birth date and mother’s name.

If the birth you are looking for is registered in the selected local body, the digital certificate will be available immediately. The website has a website where you can download, save and print copies of it.

Death / Marriage Certificates registered with Local Self Government Institutions can also be downloaded here.

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