How to make Low Budget House in Kerala- 2.5 lakhs House

How to make Low Budget House in Kerala- 2.5 lakhs House
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Many people today build homes not knowing their own needs. Instead it is meant to show others as a status symbol. That is why we often have a huge financial burden when a house is completed. Also, if you approach the banks for a home loan, they will charge a very large amount. In such a situation many people are giving up the dream of home. But if we can build a beautiful house on a low budget knowing our need. Here’s how to put one together for use with your low cost home.

If you want to learn how to build a house at a very low cost, the masters at Poojappura, maithanam Thiruvananthapuram will teach you. Here’s a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used. Coated soil, corrugated bricks, processed rubber mats, wooden doors, T doors, loft pillar slabs, PVC windows and mats are mainly used for house construction. A small machine for making bricks is also set up here. They will also show the soil making and brick making using this.

Minimizes the use of iron and steel to build eco-friendly houses. Those who study through such a scheme can build their own house without any help. In addition, the house can be beautified and enlarged later.

10 packs of cement are required for the construction of 300 sq. Ft. Houses, which are used for flooring and attic construction. 1750 interlock blocks are required to build the wall. The masters will explain in detail how to use this in different ways. The class will also explain in detail about the construction of the lintel, arch and seating required during the construction of the house. In addition, a detailed study of various technologies that can be tried in home construction is possible. The total cost of building a house of three hundred feet in this way is only 2.5 lakh rupees.

The Habitat Group had earlier said how to build a beautiful house for Rs 4 lakh. The Habitat Group has started such a house building study class at Poojappura Maidan as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. A bamboo house model can also be seen here. There are about 60 stalls here. It is called Half Fest. The fair will run till May 14. Through this one exhibition you can learn all the things you need to know about building a house.


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