Do you know why Indian Highways have coloured milestones

Many people do not know what the color of the top of the road mile indicates, and when we travel on the Indian road, we see mail busts in different colors along the road, such as when traveling on the highway.

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Do you know why mailbags are placed on the side of the road or on the highway and why they have changed their color code….

Milestones are a type of stone that tells us how far our destination is from a certain place. Not all roads in India have the same milestones: the color code varies for highways such as highways, state highways, district streets and village roads.

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Yellow and White: This mail stick indicates the National Highway

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Green and White: This represents the State Highway

Blue or Black and White: This represents the city or main district road

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Orange white: This represents Village Road

The yellow milestone indicates

When you are walking or driving on the road, you will see a yellow strip on the top of the mailbox. This means that the yellow-painted mailbags are placed on India’s national highways.

Green Mile Sticks:

When you see a green mile stump on the side of the road, it means that you are on the state highway, not the national highway. In India, when roads are built by the states, green milestones are used and the repair of these roads is done entirely by the state.

The orange mail stick indicates:

When you see an orange striped landmark or landmark on the side of the road, it means that you have entered the village. This strip also represents Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.

P.S. Nagpur is also known as the “Zero Mile Center” because the British installed a zero mile stone and used this point to measure distance to all other cities. Nagpur was the geographical center of colonial India. The center has 4 horses and a sandstone. The pillar is a list of the exact distance from the Zero Mile Center to the main cities of India.

Today Google Maps and Satellite Navigation When you can travel anywhere you want, many of the mail crawlers on the side of the road go unnoticed.

The discovery of the mile stump

The mile marker was invented by the Romans .The mark that their soldiers made when they marched into the distance .The left foot touches the ground 1000 times.

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