Protect you from ATM thieves 10 Tips

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Recently, we regularly hear about the ATM trafficking. ATMs are a way to easily withdraw money from a bank account. Daily exchange is transmitted through ATM counters.

But in the near future, the stories that lose money through ATM are increasingly heard. Most of the Malayali people do not know what to care about when they use ATM. Even educated people find themselves in these frauds.

One should not be an expert in understanding such things. Even if some people are easily aware of certain things, we can prevent most of the scams by using the ATM. Let’s see how this happens and what we do to avoid being caught in these snares.

The highest number of ATM frauds is scammers using a scammer. Skimmer is an instrument that can read information on our ATM card. The usual skimmers are designed to fit in front of the slot in front of the slot of an ATM card. Look at the picture. If you find something suspicious before the card slot, notify the bank without that ATM.

Skimmer only can not perform a fraud. For that, we also need our ATM PIN. To do that, use the appropriate speech keypads as shown in the picture. It is attached above the keypad on a standard ATM machine. In this case, the pin number is triggered by an electronic surcute related to the pin number.

The keypad is the way we see the PIN number. This kind of cameras can be triggered by pin numbers. What we can do with this is to keep the keypad with one hand while tapping the PIN number. (See picture)

Phone calls are another way that criminals can use to withdraw money from a bank account. If someone asks you to call an ATM card or PIN code to call someone from our bank, you should never give it. Because they are scavenger. Banks never use a card number, PIN code or net banking information via phone, email or SMS.

Banks will not require an OTP (single-time password) receivable through SMS online. There are a few common tasks that can be used when using ATM.

1. ATM Do not pass the card and the rear of the other. Remember, do not write on the card’s PIN PIN card, write it down on your PC or save it on your phone. Change PIN number periodically, at least once a month.

4. Do not use your birthday, birth year, and vehicle number backwards. When you withdraw money from an ATM machine, look for something suspicious or change the PIN number through another ATM counter immediately. Hide the pin number with one hand. Do not call unknown people to help.

8. Do not reply to phone calls, emails, or SMSes asking for ATM PIN, card number, and OTP. Avoid ATM counters without enough light.

10. Check the bank account balance periodically. Do not wait until you print on the passbook for this. You can check your account statement online via ATM or your phone.

11. Avoid ATMs in maximum isolated areas, and try to use ATMs that are close to the bank. Do not use that ATM if it seems that the machine is bad. Keep the slip slip when you withdraw the money. If you face a problem, for example, if you have less money, you will get a refund if you contact the bank with the slip.

In this article you are trying to describe in a simpler manner. If you have any comments, suggestions or suggestions, feel free to share with your friends

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