Two storey house with 3 bath attached bedrooms, Kerala style low cost

At a time when home construction costs are rocketing, building a two-story bath attached house with all the necessary amenities for less than Rs 10 lakh is amazing. The design of such a home is shared here. This can be used as a reference for those who are dreaming of a low cost home.

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The three bathroom attached bed room, master room sit-out, hall, a balcony, kitchen and work area are all part of the basic amenities of a family home. Please share this with others.

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How can I reduce money spent on housework?

We can award the contract for the construction of the house in two ways according to our budget and facilities. (1) Labor Contract (2) Labor and Materials Contract.

Labor contract is a system in which the owner delivers the materials needed to build the house (cement, wire, bricks, stone, sand, etc.) to the site and pays only the labor. There are three types of these.

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Daily Wages: This is a daily or weekly wage system based on the number of working days and the number of helper (Mycod) carpenters. The above method can be used if it is always possible to control or assist during work. The owner must purchase and provide the tools needed for the work (sledgehammer, handcuffs, pots, baskets, barrels, etc.). The landlord is also responsible for renting the roofing sheets, planks, knees, jockeys, spans and floor scaffolding required for the concrete.

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Squarefeet Based Labor Contract: This is a method of calculating the floor area (plinth area) as per the plan of the house and awarding the contract with a fixed amount of labor per square foot.

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After the structural work on the house (total completion of roofing work, roofing, flooring and basement pointing) is completed, there is a need for a labor contract to contract out the remaining finishing work at a square foot rate. The concrete mixer, vibrator, jack, span, plate and planks required for the work should be ensured in advance by the own contractor.

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