washing machine for just Rs. 2,500 | low price washing machine

washing machine for just Rs. 2,500 / – is amazing. You can wash your dress in ten minutes and that too with low amplitude. Read on to learn more about this washing machine or watch the video below. Like the TechWorld Malayalam page to get information like this.


The low-cost washing machine is designed by Murukesan, a native of Coimbatore with over 40 years of experience, under the supervision of experts including the motor used in his own company, Devi Lakshmi Industry in Coimbatore. ംഗ് To operate the machine.

DLI’s washing machine does not have the complexities of automatic and semi-automatic washing machines that currently dominate the market.

In addition, there are tens of thousands of happy customers in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana. Now there is a new generation of washing machines available in Kerala with a one year warranty. Contact Contact NO: 9345938546/76673 44852

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