How to increase mobile data speed

There is no doubt that the Internet plays an important role in today’s living situation. We can’t even imagine life without an internet connection on our smartphone.But one problem that many people face nowadays is that the Internet is slowing down despite the range.


The reason why the Internet has slowed down so much is because of the lock-down now.

If the internet is slow on your Android mobile, here are some effective ways to increase your speed.

Here are some ways to speed up mobile data

If your phone is slow on the internet, the first thing to do is to check the cache on your smartphone. After accessing various websites and downloading different apps on the phone, the cache memory on mobile phones is full, slowing down the speed of the internet on the smartphone.

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So go to Clean Storage in your mobile settings and clear the cache memory.

If there are unnecessary applications on the mobile, remov it. The presence of many useless and unwanted applications slows down the internet speed.

Data loading

This is another effective technique for increasing the speed of mobile internet. To do this, go to Network Settings on your mobile phone, then select GPRS and then click on GPRS transfer prefer and call on, which will increase the maximum data loading or data connection speed of the smartphone.

Things to do in settings

Go to Settings >> Mobile Network and select Select Network Mode as LTE only.
Go to APN where you are using Jio and type Jio net and save.
Now you can see the server as
You can see MCC as 405
In the MNC option, enter 862 or 868
In the APN protocol select IPv4, save it all and switch off the mobile switch.
Things to change in the browser | Text Mode Browser extension

When you browse the web, the amount of data you have and the loading time is for the images, so if you are browsing, use the Text Mode Browser extension.

Choose the fastest web browser

Installing the fastest web browser on your smartphone to access the mobile data connection is another helpful technique to help your phone speed up the Internet.

The Google Play Store has a number of apps designed to increase the speed of the Internet on your smartphone. You can download and use it to increase the internet speed of your smartphone. Feel free to share if this one knowledge is useful.

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