Ration card mobile app | How to use ration card mobile in Kerala 

It is safe to say that there are no homes without ration card.Especially in the context of this corona everyone is getting a kit every month through ration card. That is a very useful thing for ordinary people. But all of our ration cards are now in book form. But from now on, here is how you can use the ration card with your mobile phone to buy ration items.

You can use this ration card system provided by the government for ration card related purposes in all government institutions. You need to install one app to view it. After installing the app, you can see the ration card application status. Click on Ration Card and enter your ration card number. The ration card number will be given on the right side of the outer cover of the ration card.

Click on the view my card button below. You will now receive an OTP to the phone number associated with the ration card. Enter the number.Then create and enter a password using the Create Password. Confirm Password. Now all the information contained in your ration card can be seen on one page. Here you will find information about the items available to each person. The MY RATION CARD app can be used to get the ration card in digital form. Watch the video for more details.Below is the link to install the app.

How to use ration card mobile in Kerala

  • You can download the Ente Ration Card App from Google Play Store
  • Open the Ente Ration Card app
  • Click on the Ration Card button
  • Type your ration card number
  • Click on the MY VIEW CARD
  • The OTP will come with the registered mobile number,
  • Now enter the new password and confirm the password
  • Now you can use the ration card on your mobile phone.


Ente Ration Card app

The Ente Ration Card App is owned by the Kerala Civil Supplies Department. This app provides members information on a ration card and app status monthly quota. DOWNLOAD APP 

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