How to find electric earth leakage

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If your electrical bill is higher than it should be, there may be multiple reasons to play, and diagnostics can be confusing. There may be a malfunction in a device or the power is flowing to the ground through a bad connection.

There are numerous phantom loads in your home, power consumption from electronics, and other equipment constantly turning on and off. You can detect major leaks by flipping the breakers, but finding the phantom loads calls for another procedure using a device that measures power consumption on individual receptacles.

If any insulation failure occurs or the real-time phase of the device touches the wire, a voltage difference must appear across the terminal of the coil connected to the instrument body and the earth. This voltage difference creates an electrical current for the relay coil to flow.

If the voltage difference is exceeded, the current through the relay is sufficient to trip the associated circuit breaker to disconnect the power supply to the equipment in advance. The feature of this device is that it can detect and protect only attached devices or installations. No leakage of insulation can be detected in other parts of the system. Watch the video to learn more about electric performance

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